Pulse Hand Massager


Experience enhanced recovery with our Hand Massager. Featuring intelligent air pressure massages and heat compression capable of massaging pressure points around your hands and wrist. Squeeze away the stress and pains of daily life and get a massage like you've never experienced before!


Key Features: 
• Touch screen controls for easy use
• Designed with portability in mind
    • Compact design
     USB-C charging
• Engineered for comfort
     Form-fitting design
     Soft, breathable, non-irritating fabric
• 2 massage modes & 3 massage strengths to choose from


12.2in x 6.2in x 4.4in (31cm x 15.8cm x 11.2cm)



2.16lbs (0.98kg)


Battery Size



Temperature Range

89°F - 109°F

  • Reduce stress & pain
  • Enhance blood flow
  • Relieve pressure points
  • Improve mobility

1. Do not use the hand massager while driving.

2. Do not use the massager in high temperature and humidity.

3. Do not use if you are experiencing hand redness, inflammation, blood stasis, etc. Also, do not use if you've had hand surgery.

4. Before use, please remove jewelry from hands and wrist.

5. Do not apply nail polish within 1 hour before use.

6. Put the palm of your hand into the inner tube of the massager and turn it on again to avoid damage to the bag. It is suggested to wear disposable gloves for this product.

7. Please use the regulated power supply included with device and pay attention to electricity safety precautions.

8. The hand massager is designed for household electric health care products, not designed for diagnosis or treatment. Our device is solely for commercial use.

9. If cleaning is required, wipe it with sterile cotton dampened with a mild detergent. Do not use water to clean this product.

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